Saturday, June 23, 2012

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Мое прошлогоднее чтиво

Из Holly Terror: Andy Warhol Close Up:

"...1962 was Andy's year. In January, an art-dealer friend named Muriel Latow told him [Andy] that she had a great idea for him to paint but that it would cost him money - fifty dollars to be exact. Andy immediately wrote her a check and Muriel told him to paint the thing he loved "more than anything else."

"What?" asked Andy.
"Money," said Muriel. According to art historian Calvin Tomkins, she also gave him the idea to paint "something so familiar that nobody even noticed it anymore, something like a can of Campbell's soup."  She didn't charge him for that one."

Bob Colacello. Ну, или по-уорхоловски Боб Кола.
Вот так.

"32 Campbell's Soup Cans"

“200 One Dollar Bills”
этот silkscreen был продан за 43,8 миллионов баков.

"Dollar Sign"

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